Full Team Ahead


ETV News Stock Photo by Jeff Barrett

Snow on the golf course has made practice challenging for the Lady Dinos as they attempt to prepare for the season. In fact, their first cuts on a course this year will probably come at their first match.

“We’ve got an indoor setup so they can practice their swings,” explained head coach Sydnee Guymon. “We’ll have their swings down pretty good. It’s just getting a feel of being on the golf course more.”

While the late winter conditions may keep the rust on the clubs a little longer than desired, Carbon is excited about the returning team. Savanna Rasmussen is ready for her senior campaign while last year’s freshmen are all coming back to the fold. “All the girls that played last year will be coming back,” said Guymon.

The fact that the squad will have another complete year intact has also risen the expectations for the season. “We are really hoping to take region this year.” Guymon continued, “We’ve got a strong little team. We’re hoping to have a few girls in the top 20 with Savanna in the top 10 at state.”

In order to accomplish those goals, the Dinos will need to continue to work on their craft, especially the short game. “Developing a solid swing for the all sophomores is really going to help them a bunch and getting Savanna’s short game down will make her scores go way down,” Guymon said.

“They’re getting a lot stronger and they’re understanding the swing more and more,” she continued. “I feel like we’re going to drive pretty far, but obviously the short game is a very important part of the game. They’re getting more and more feel for their short game.”

It is sure to be a thrilling season for the Lady Dinos.

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