Fun and Exciting Events Coming to Helper City


Kate Kilpatrick approached members of the Helper City council on Thursday evening to inform them of an event that is being hosted at the Rio Theater in March.

The group named Deltaz reached out last fall and wanted play at the Rio during its tour. The Deltaz are hoping to donate some of the money that they make through the event to the Helper Arts Festival. Kilpatrick requested local consent from the council members to serve wine and beer during the event, which was granted. This event will take place on March 18 from 6 to 11 p.m.

Lenise Peterman also spoke to the council members and presented them with the idea of a Wild West themed old fashioned day that would take place in April. Peterman has also spoke with those at the gun range who would be willing to mill around Main Street in Wild West attire. However, they will not be conducting a shoot-out due to the fact that they like to use real shells. The Balance Rock Eatery is also willing to participate by having their employees dress in old time garb.

The request to shut down Main Street was presented in hopes of bring in horses and buggies that would carry patrons. This event would be in conjunction with the museum. Peterman hopes to have this event take place on April 29. The council members started giving ideas for the event, such as having it in conjunction with Rio Theater and possibly using the projection system.

At the next council meeting, the final decision will be made as to whether or not the timing of this event fits well and can take place.


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