Fun Had By All at Castle Valley Center’s Kid-A-Rod Event


Smiles and laughs were had by all at the Castle Valley Center Kid-A-Rod event on Thursday. Students, teachers, staff and parents all gathered on the school field for a morning filled with adventure.

Mrs. Kokal has been teaching the students about the Alaskan Iditarod. As the children learned about each musher, they predicted who they thought would win the race. They then tracked the race progress on a map.

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Conservation Outreach Manager Brent Stettler paid a visit to the students earlier in the week. Stettler showed the students actual animal skins and antlers to give them a first-hand look at objects commonly found at the actual Iditarod.

After learning about sled dog racing, students were assigned specific roles for the Kid-A-Rod event. Some students were mushers while others played the role of sled dog. Teams raced from station to station set up on the field. After completing the course, students were congratulated by spectators for completing the race.

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