Funding Cuts Threaten Local Community Health Centers, Including Carbon Medical and Helper Clinic


The possibility of federal grant funding not being renewed is leaving community health centers preparing for possible budget cuts. Two local centers, Carbon Medical in East Carbon and the Helper Clinic, could be caught in the crossfire of up to a 70% budget cut if the grant funding is not renewed.

Congress is facing a decision on whether or not to renew the grant funding, which benefits federally qualified health centers throughout the United States, including the two clinics in Carbon County.

Carbon Medical Service currently employs nearly 40 people between its East Carbon and Helper locations, serving 3,600 patients in the last year alone. Patients accessed more than 13,000 visits to the centers throughout that year, receiving medical and dental services as well as assistance with mental health, nutrition, wellness programs and more.

Congress has yet to make a decision on the renewal of the grant funding, which provides billions of dollars in funding for community health centers and other health programs throughout the nation. Carbon Medical Service Executive Director Carolyn Abeyta encourages citizens to contact their congressional representatives and urge for continued funding.

Contact information for the various congressional offices can be found below.

Senator Lee – Leslie Ford – Leslie_Ford@Lee.Senate.Gov
Congressman Bishop – Lee Lonsberry –
Congressman Stewart – Luci Arveseth –
Congresswoman Love – Scott Reber –
Rep. Rob Bishop (D1):  Devin Wiser
Rep. Chris Stewart (D2): Clay White & Luci Arveseth
Rep. Mia Love (D4): Scott Reber & Michael Squires



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