Fundraiser Hosted for Locals Seeking Addiction Treatment


Hope came in the form of a spaghetti dinner for a number of individuals Tuesday night, as members of the community joined together to help raise funds for a recent Carbon County Christian Recovery event.

The recovery group (C.C.C.R.) hosted the event in an effort to raise funds for three locals to attend residential treatment in California, according to representative Chris Poltio.

Hosted in East Carbon, the spaghetti dinner offered meal options for individuals and families who attended the event.

A total of $370 was raised during the dinner, bringing the group’s total to $2,084, just nearly $1,200 short of its $3,300 goal.

Locals who are interested in donating to help assist in the search for treatment may donate at Eastern Utah Community Credit Union under the account “Lost and Found Recovery” or may donate online at

For additional information about donating or to find more information about the group including meeting times and locations, interested persons are encouraged to contact Polito at 435-820-2163.

Pictures courtesy of Chris Polito

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