Fundraiser Underway for Sunnyside Family Following Loss in House Fire


On Tuesday afternoon at approximately 2:45 p.m., authorities were paged to a house fire that was reported in Sunnyside. Initial reports stated that the back bedroom of the house was fully engulfed in flames.

While the occupants of the home were able to exit safely and no injuries were reported, the Burnett family tragically lost their home, with everything being marked as a total loss.

The wife, Kenzie, is an EMT for East Carbon, helping many while her husband, Ty, is a construction worker. A fundraiser has been launched for the family to assist them in rebuilding all that was lost.

While the family is fortunate that all of them, including their pets, made it out of the fire unscathed, they have a serious need for a place to stay, clothing, food and all of the other necessary daily amenities.

There is a goal of $10,000 and thus far, just nearly $1,200 of that has been raised for the Burnetts. Those that wish to donate to the family and help them rebuild after the tragedy may do so by clicking here.

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