Further Explanation on Elementary 4th Quarter Grading Given by CSD


Following the previous announcement made by the Carbon School District regarding fourth quarter grading for all of the elementary schools in the district, a more in-depth explanation was released.

In this explanation, it was stated that fourth quarter grades in elementary schools will follow two different plans. There will be one plan for kindergarten through second grade and another for third through fifth grades.

In the kindergarten through second grade category, it is stated that the grades (1, 2, 3, and P) are tied to learning outcomes. However, the district does not believe that it would be appropriate to say that it is known whether a student is proficient in the fourth quarter learning outcomes due to the COVID-19 school dismissal. With this in mind, in an effort to hold students harmless for the nature of the fourth quarter, all students in these grades will receive a “P.”

There is a similar idea that is surrounding the students in the higher grades. Students in grades third through fifth that have not been engaged in the learning activities provided during the fourth quarter will also receive a “P” grade, which simply means the student is ready to move forward to the next grade. Students that have engaged in the learning activities, regardless of the performance, will receive an “A” grade.

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