FutureINDesign and Blacksmith International Update Presented to Commissioners


Future location for FutureINDesign and Blacksmith International merger

It was recently reported that Blacksmith International and FutureINDesign would be merging at a location in Carbon County to further business opportunities in the area. While it was previously stated that their location would be in the old JCPenney building, that is just one of the updates that was recently presented to Carbon County Commissioners that would be different.

Due to decisions made for the betterment of the goals at hand, the two entities made the decision to part ways with those in the JCPenney building and begin work in the old Bealls location in Price. Lease negotiations with the landlord of the building are complete and documents will soon be signed. Plans for equipment purchasing and curriculum design are underway.

Two representatives of the merger spoke with commissioners, stating that bids are currently being collected from contractors for light building renovation. The duo also presented the commissioners and listening crowd with short-term goals, such as starting a rural committee, increasing independence, creating apprenticeships and jobs, as well as long-term goals.


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