FutureINDesign Officially Announced as a TUKACenter


FutureINDesign ETV News stock photo

In June, FutureINDesign made the announcement that it would be teaming up with TUKATech. This partnership came to light on Sept. 1, when a special virtual session was hosted to announce that FutureINDesign is now a TUKACenter.

This session was opened by Derek Miller, President and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber. He stated that last year, some that attended the Utah Rural Summit could remember that a new initiative was launched.

This initiative was the Chamber’s Rural Workforce Network. They issued a call to action for businesses to connect with job seekers that may want to stay in their area. The program has accelerated the change in workforce distribution and, with the COVID-19 pandemic, is more important than ever, according to Miller.

He stated that they were joined by Governor Gary Herbert, Representative Christine Watkins, Price City Mayor Mike Kourianos, FutureINDesign’s Nicholina Womack and more. The time was then turned to Womack herself, who was located at the FutureINDesign building in Price.

She thanked everyone for joining them and then took a moment to thank all those that have and are still making it possible for them to be there. She stated that a lot of the time, credit goes to the CEO or face of the company, but that they would not have come so far had it not been for all of the allies and community members that have sacrificed so much.

Womack also praised the talented and committed workforce behind FutureINDesign and now the TUKACenter, which has recently been working hard to sew and distribute masks to many during the pandemic.

Representative Watkins took a moment to praise Womack and her hard work, driving FutureINDesign where it is now, before turning the time to Governor Gary Herbert, who began by stating that they were celebrating the new business in Price.

“I think a day of celebration is in order,” Governor Herbert said.

The governor continued by remarking that people came together to create a partnership and this opportunity, saying that he is a big believer in working together. He praised Price City and all of the resources that are now available in the area.

Mayor Mike Kourianos also spoke on the partnership and the opportunities that it would swiftly bring to the city, echoing sentiments stated before of coming together and all of those that made the merger a possibility. A handful of others were heard from before a “Made in Price” video was shown.

The time was again turned to Womack and those inside the TUKACenter, who then gave those that were in virtual attendance a tour of the building and its amenities, concluding with an explanation of what the employees do daily.

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