FutureINDesign’s Nicholina Womack Accepted into Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program


Incredible Leadership and Hard Work Continue to Lead Nonprofit’s Efforts to Uplift the Unrecognized Experts

Press Release

FutureINDesign proudly announces the latest accomplishment of its Chief Executive Officer, Nicholina Womack; she has been accepted into the latest cohort for the Utah Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program.

When asked about FutureINDesign, Womack will tell you, “A new future is in design – one that is inclusive, hopeful and prosperous, and our unrecognized experts are the architects of this new design.”

FutureINDesign is a workforce development nonprofit organization that is focused on building a future of innovators and business owners that are bringing equity and solutions into communities. According to the organization’s mission statement, FutureINDesign uplifts the unrecognized experts through access to skill-building and inclusive entrepreneurship.

An emphasis is on helping individuals in rural areas bring opportunities to areas such as Utah’s Carbon and San Juan counties as these areas have shown to be among the counties having the highest rate of poverty within Utah. The leaders and employees at FutureINDesign are determined to make a positive impact in rural areas, starting in Utah’s Carbon and San Juan counties. There are plans to have operations expanding very soon throughout the state.

The career development programs FutureINDesign runs help unrecognized experts break into industries that have been historically exclusionary and help individuals leverage their unique life experiences to build business models, owners and innovators.

“We are excited to support Ms. Womack’s participation in this opportunity. She has a wealth of knowledge that she can share with as well as gain from this program. We have seen tremendous results come not only for the others who have participated in the program, but for their entire organizations as well. We are grateful to Goldman Sachs for this opportunity to fast-track growth for her, our employees and FutureINDesign,” said Becky Guertler, FutureINDesign Chief Marketing Officer.

Further information about FutureINDesign is available at www.futureindesign.org.

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