Gas Line Leak Puts Scare in Eagle Air Med


A contractor that is improving the landing area and installing a fence for the Eagle Air Med helicopter pad hit a gas line on Thursday afternoon. The Price City Fire Department and Questar Gas responded quickly to the scene.

Price Fire Chief Paul Bedont was at the scene as crews from Questar Gas repaired the damage and stated, “It was a good thing there was a stiff breeze blowing from the south. I would have been more worried if the wind had been blowing in the opposite direction into the hospital parking area.”

They closed the road just past Castleview Hospital for precautionary measures, but no evacuations were necessary. A maintenance building belonging to Castleview was the only building that had its gas shut off due to the break.

Eagle Air Med crew member Shannon Odiet stood watching and said it added a bit of excitement to the day, but he was relieved it was not serious.

The Eagle Air Med Crew is excited about the improvements to the landing pad and are eager for the project to be completed.

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