General Session Rapidly Approaching


By Representative Carl Albrecht, District 70

Happy New Year!

I wish you a happy New Year full of happiness and health!

2022 General Session

The 45-day General Session (33 working days), will begin on Jan. 18. You can participate by emailing me about a policy that’s important to you, providing public comment during a committee meeting, or listening to floor time in person at the State Capitol or online at

I will be sending regular updates during the Session and would love to hear from you!

Great Salt Lake Summit 

While many of us don’t give much thought to the Great Salt Lake, it has significant impacts on our state’s environment and economy. On Jan. 5, Speaker Brad Wilson hosted the first-ever Great Salt Lake Summit. Scientists, environmental advocates and industry leaders joined state lawmakers to discuss possible policy solutions to ensure the Great Salt Lake is preserved for future generations to enjoy. Read Speaker Wilson’s op-ed about this issue online at

Economic Update

Utah’s labor market has grown 3.6% since 2019. Only 2.1% of Utahns are unemployed compared to the national unemployment rate of 4.2%. While job growth has declined -2% nationally in the past two years, Utah’s job rates grew 3.6%.

Largest private sector gains in the past two years:

  • Trade, Transportation and Utilities: 21,100 jobs
  • Professional and Business Services: 16,800 jobs
  • Construction: 9,400 jobs
  • Manufacturing: 8,300 jobs


National Blood Shortage – Donations Needed

AABB, America’s Blood Centers and the American Red Cross urge eligible individuals to make and keep appointments to donate blood. The blood supply is at one of its lowest levels in recent years and if the blood supply does not stabilize soon, blood may not be available for some patients when it is needed. All eligible individuals are encouraged to donate. Find a donation center near you at


Head over to the Utah House of Rep’s Podcast every Friday to listen to legislative updates straight from the source! Our newest episodes feature Rep. Brad Last discussing components of the state budget and Rep. Robert Spendlove forecasting Utah’s economic outlook for 2022. Plus, a bonus episode is available with the legislative auditors explaining the December audits.

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My Intern for the 2022 Legislative Session

My intern for the 2022 Session will be Curtis Sheets, a student from Utah State University Eastern. His email will be

I will be sending updates weekly to the local newspapers. As always, you can contact me by phone at (435) 979-6578 or by email at I look forward to hearing from you on various bills that you have an interest or concern with.

I will be serving as Chair of the Public Utilities, Energy, and Technology, Standing Committee. Also, I will serve on the Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Appropriations and Standing Committees. I will continue to serve on the State Legislative Water Commission and the Federalism Commission, and will continue to serve as a Co-chair for the Rural Caucus.

As always, thank you for the opportunity to represent you in the Utah House of Representatives in the Utah Legislature. It’s an honor to serve.

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