Geni Hawk Named Carbon County’s Employee of the Month


The July employee of the month came as a great surprise as Carbon County Human Resources Director Kellie Payne kept the nomination a secret from the recipient until the announcement at the commission meeting on Wednesday evening.

Commission secretary Geni Hawk, who was nominated by fellow employee Tina Grange, has been with the county since July 2018. Grange spoke on her nomination, stating that she loves Hawk’s positive outlook on life. If Grange is having a bad or good day, she makes a point to speak with Hawk.

“She truly cares for people and I love her stories; she has the best ones,” said Grange.

Grange said that she has never heard Hawk say anything negative about anyone, stating that she always finds the good in people. She is an asset to the county, according to Grange, and she is glad that it is Hawk who gets to greet visitors at the commission office.

The commissioners then bid Hawk congratulations and thanked her for all that she does.

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