GeoTour Agreement to Bring More Tourism Fun to Carbon County


Carbon County Tourism Specialist Tina Grange visited the commissioners during their meeting on Wednesday to discuss the possible approval of a GeoTour agreement.

Grange explained that, as always, contracts are presented to the commission. This one in particular is part of the Stewardship, Preservation and Exploration (SPX) grant from the Office of Tourism.

Last year, the tourism department worked with the Nine Mile Coalition and highlighted Stewardship Day. This year, upon reapplying, it was discovered that it did not pan out to do it during that time again. With the help of the tourism office and the ad agency, they created a new idea and with the approval of the contract, they will be creating a new GeoTour with over 30 geo tags in Carbon County.

They will teach those that come to the area how to find the tags, how to be good stewards of the land, how to stay on the trail and more. What the commissioners had before them on Wednesday was the agreement to launch the tour.

Commission Chair Casey Hopes said that he knows that a lot of people follow the tours and thinks that it will be a good thing for the community. He then thanked Grange for her efforts before the contract was approved.

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