Get Ready for the Annual MECCA Bike Festival


Photo courtesy of the MECCA Mountain Bike Club

The MECCA Mountain Bike Club, a nonprofit organization, is once again hosting the annual MECCA Bike Festival at the San Rafael Swell. Those that wish to sign up are being urged to do so now as the festival is rapidly approaching.

“From the beginning, the festivals have been geared to a wide-range of mountain biking enthusiasts – from the novice to the seasoned; from the occasional to the frequent; from the single rider to the family of riders; and from the rider(s) whose sole interest is the picturesque surroundings to the rider(s) whose sole interest is in the merits of the bike,” the club shared.

It was also stated the the festival provides more than just a biking experience. Along with exercise and fun, there is the opportunity to learn of the interest in riding from those around. There will be fun rides for the whole family and there is a chance to win both a youth mountain bike and an adult gravel bike.

This year, the event is slated to take place on April 30, May 1 and May 2. Those that wish to obtain more information, such as the itinerary for the festival and the link for registration, may do so here. The website also provides information for riding enthusiasts that may be interested in learning about membership in the bike club.

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