Gil Conover, Kent Wilson Look to the Economy After Winning Emery County Commission Seats


Taking two of the Emery County Commissioner seats in the 2019 year are Gil Conover and Kent Wilson, both of whom were voted in during the 2018 General Election.

Wilson was born in Price and raised in Huntington until the age of seven. From there, his family moved to Arizona for a brief time before returning for a rural lifestyle in 1974. Wilson graduated from Emery High and began working at the family business, BK’s Stop and Shop, in June of 1975. BK’s is still the family business, 43 years in the running.

Wilson states that BK’s was the first convenience store in Carbon and Emery counties and the reason it is still thriving is due to the community. Wilson also stated that he has always been service-oriented; people have been great to his family and he is always looking for ways to give back. With that in mind, he started in the chamber of commerce where he has serve as the president in the past.

The incumbent commissioner has also served in many different organizations, including the Board of Health and Mental Health for 12 years as well as Orangeville City Council and the Special Service District. Wilson is passionate about economic development and stated that during his election process many in the community inquired about the economy.

With such a high concern from the community, it is of major importance to Wilson. He also wishes to make a difference in mental and public health, reflecting on the high suicide rate and opiate issue in Castle Country. Wilson stated that normally when a commissioner is chosen, they either take over the road department or the sheriff’s office. Wilson will focus on the Board of Health and Mental Health while Commissioners Conover and Sitterud focus on the latter two.

Wilson personally believes that, despite the struggle in the coal industry for the past decade, there is a reason for optimism in Emery and Carbon counties for the future.

“People can work and live and play in rural Utah,” Wilson stated.

Gil Conover is a resident of Ferron and has been in the area nearly his whole life. Married to Melody Conover, the duo boast two married sons living in Emery County. Conover also deems his four grandchildren as the joy of his life.

Politically, Conover is a registered republican and wishes to jump right into his new role as commissioner by tackling some serious issues in the area. First, he wishes to bring in economic development in order to ensure that there are jobs in the area for the future generations. Conover does not wish to see a future where children and grandchildren have to leave home to find work.

Conover stated that he will also work diligently to project water rights as well as grazing rights. While stressing that he does not believe himself to be a unique individual, Conover does have a lot of background in the power industry under his belt.

Also experienced in the rural Utah lifestyle, Conover expressed his enjoyment in farming and ranching. Conover concluded by stating that he is proud to be a citizen of Emery County. He continued his conclusion by stating that he plans to work to keep Emery County a viable and wonderful place to live and raise a family.

This article is a continuation of the general election winners. Continue to check with ETV for more on your elected officials.

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