Girls’ Fastpitch Softball Team Wins Championship in Undefeated Season


The Carbon 1 girls’ fastpitch softball team, ranging in ages from 13 to 17, is being celebrated for an undefeated season.

These girls played the season for Carbon Recreation and on Wednesday, July 21, it was stated that the team played hard and won the championship with a final score of 16-9. The team’s head coach is Kylie Madsen and the assistant coaches are Kaytlyn Farley and Matt Madsen.

“We were visitors and in the last inning, we were down by two (6-8). We had our first two batters hit a fly out and a strikeout, respectively,” shared Tara Madsen. “Dunn started the team off with a two-out rally, allowing all nine girls to not only get on base, but score all nine of them as well. With Farley on the mound, she pitched strong, allowing only one run to end the game.”

The team consists of Kayla “Mac” Farley, Gracie Oveson, Jordan Madsen, Kennlee Kennedy, Alycia Colunga, Italia Dunn, Shayla Penovich, Gianna Valdez and Hailie Nunley.

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