Give Back with Bank of Utah’s Spring Into Service Scavenger Hunt


Photo courtesy of Bank of Utah

Bank of Utah is dedicated to serving the communities that they are involved in. This year, the way that they are aiming to do this is with a Spring Into Service Scavenger Hunt.

Bank of Utah’s Roger Christensen stated that the bank developed a program that rewards individuals and nonprofit organizations that serve the community. As the COVID-19 pandemic winds down and the sun is shining, people want to do something.

“Why not get out and do something to help people?” said Christensen.

Continuing, he stated that if people are given an opportunity to help a nonprofit organization and complete service projects, all they need to do is take a picture and hashtag it to Bank of Utah and tag them, as well as tag the nonprofit agency of their choice.

In doing so, the bank automatically sends that agency $10, which is a good way to get out and help.

Acts of service can be small and simple, such as taking out their neighbor’s trash, paying for the person behind them in line, mowing someone’s lawn, picking up trash in a park and more.

Anything that helps make the community better and is helping out somebody in the meantime qualifies. Bank of Utah’s website has a list of ideas, as well as nonprofits that can be contributed to, though many are encouraged to also dream up their own idea.

“If you like to help people, this is a free way to do that,” shared Christensen.

He stated that by taking part in this scavenger hunt, individuals are not only helping the person that they serve; they are getting money donated to a nonprofit organization. This is one person helping another and is a great way to get outside and be involved again.

Businesses and individuals alike are invited to get involved in the scavenger hunt. They are allowed two posts per social site and should elect the agency to which they wish to donate. This means that one nonprofit is able to earn up to $20 from an individual or business.

There is a grand total of $7,000 for this opportunity, so Christensen urged those that wish to participate to “come fast and come often.” This scavenger hunt is open to those along the Wasatch Front, Logan, St. George and Price.

The Spring Into Service Scavenger Hunt begins May 3 and runs through May 21. Last year, the bank did something similar during the COVID-19 shutdown, aimed toward restaurants. Each year, there will be something similar that urges people to get out and help the community.

“Together, we are Utah,” Christensen said.

Bank of Utah is dedicated to helping communities grow and making them places that people want to live. Those that are interested in more information may find it here.

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