Good Water Rim in Emery Country Labeled as a “Must-Ride” by BLM


Bureau of Land Management Press Release

To celebrate ‪#‎bikemonth‬, ‪#‎BLMUtah‬ compiled a list of five “must-rides” across the state.

1) Gooseberry Mesa, Hurricane: With incredible views of Zion National Park, the Mesa is a great option for beginner to expert riders. The 3.1 mile White Trail is recommended for beginners. Intermediate riders should check out the North Rim Trail, while the experts ride the very technical South Rim Trail.

2) Captain Ahab, Moab: Surrounded by outstanding views, this trail descends 1000 feet over 4.3 miles of technical terrain. Keep in mind that this trail is one-way directional, and is recommended for expert-level riders.

3) Slickrock, Moab: Located on Moab’s Navajo Sandstone, the two-mile practice loop is perfect for beginners and intermediate riders looking to gain Slickrock experience. At 9.6 miles, the longer loop is far more technical and physically demanding, making it more appropriate for experts.

4) Good Water Rim, Emery County: While 15-miles of cross-country singletrack may seem daunting for some, it is not quite long enough for other riders. Fortunately, this trail serves both rider-types. Beginner-Intermediate riders can cut the loop in half for a non-technical 7 mile loop. Experts looking for a longer ride can extend the loop to 21 miles. With outstanding views of San Rafael Swell, this trail is breathtaking.

5) Jazz-Chromolly, Vernal: Part of the Red-Fleet Trail Complex, this trail combines flow with technical components to create an energy-exerting intermediate ride.

When mountain biking, be aware of your equipment, area in which you are riding and always ride within your ability level.

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