Governor Herbert Joins the ‘Blogoshpere’


Governor Gary Herbert announced the launch of his blog Thursday. An extension of the Governor’s existing website, the blog will serve as an avenue for Utah citizens to gain insight into the Governor’s policy priorities.

The blog can be found at or accessed via the “Blog” link on the navigation menu of the Governor’s website at

“I am thrilled to launch this new blog,” said Governor Herbert. “I believe in open government and meaningful communication, and this blog will give the citizens of Utah access to detailed, first-hand information about the priorities and goals of my administration. Along with Lt. Governor Bell’s recently launched blog, Utahns now have an unprecedented window into the workings of the executive branch.”

The blog will feature posts written by the Governor, his advisors and senior staff, cabinet members, and policy experts. The blog will primarily focus on Governor Herbert’s four policy “cornerstones”: Education, Energy, Jobs, and Self-determination.

Readers can be notified of new postings to the Governor’s blog via RSS feed or Twitter.

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