Governor Introduces PACE Plan at Education Summit Oct 15 2012


Today, Governor Gary R. Herbert announced his plan to ensure Utah is on pace to have 66 percent of the adult population earn a post-secondary degree or certification by the year 2020. This plan is called “On PACE to 66% by 2020.”

“As we compete in what is now a global economy, education will be the key and the catalyst that sets Utah apart,” said the Governor. “An education system that aligns perfectly with the needs of the marketplace will do wonders in spurring economic growth and innovation. This is the focus of my plan for 66 percent by 2020 and we are on pace to achieve it.”

The “On PACE to 66% by 2020” includes the following:

Prepare young learners

Help students become college and career ready when they are young.


. В  В  В  В 90 percent proficiency in 3rd, 6th and 8th grade reading and math.

. В  В  В  В 90 percent of high school students taking college readiness exams.

Access for all students

Help students transition to post-secondary education.


. В  В  В  В 90 percent high school graduation rate.

. В  В  В  В 80 percent post-secondary enrollment rate.

. В  В  В  В Eliminate waiting lists or “soft caps” in required courses.

Complete certificates and degrees

Help students finish degrees and certificates.


. В  В  В  В 13 percent of Utahns with a board approved certificate.

. В  В  В  В 14 percent of Utahns with an Associates degree.

. В  В  В  В 28 percent of Utahns with a Bachelor’s degree.

. В  В  В  В 11 percent of Utahns with a Graduate degree.

Economic success

Help students find work in their chosen fields or personal pursuits.


. В  В  В  В 90 percent of employer workforce needs will be met.

“This is a bold plan that will take great collaboration between education, government and business leaders to see the outcomes needed,” said Mark Bouchard, senior managing director of Salt Lake City CBRE and Education Excellence Commission member. “Through the Governor’s Education Excellence Commission, collaboration comes together more than we ever have and the results are coming.”


The Education Summit also outlined 2013’s legislative priorities by education leaders:

Public Education

. В  В  В  В Full funding of growth

. В  В  В  В Increase value of waited pupil unit (WPU)

. В  В  В  В Early intervention initiatives

Utah College of Applied Technology (UCAT)

. В  В  В  В Increase campus capacity building requests with new programs and program expansion

Higher Education

. В  В  В  В Mission based performance funding

. В  В  В  В Increase programs supporting degrees in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and healthcare to help accomplish 66 percent goal.

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