Governor Moves Forward with Changes to DABC Signs Special Session Bills, Approves New DABC Director


Governor Gary R. Herbert signed special session legislation Monday and approved the appointment of the new executive director of the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control Tuesday.

The Governor signed the following:

.В В В В В В В  S.B. 4001 (Sen. Valentine) – Alcoholic Beverage Control Act Amendments
.В В В В В В В  S.B. 4002 (Sen. Adams) – Retention of Outside Counsel, Expert Witnesses, and Litigation Support Services
.В В В В В В В  S.B. 4003 (Sen. Osmond) – New School Year Supplemental Public Education Budget Adjustments
.В В В В В В В  S.B. 4004 (Sen. Davis) – Education Requirements for Nursing Licensure Amendments

“Signing the bills related to alcohol policy is the responsible thing to do for the State’s economy,” the Governor said. “Any delay would have caused volatility and confusion in the market for liquor licenses.”

Salvador Petilos has been selected by the DABC Commission as Executive Director, replacing acting director Francine Giani, who retained her duties as executive director of the Department of Commerce while overseeing DABC.

“I am pleased to have Sal take the helm at DABC,” Governor Herbert said. “The agency needs someone who can effectively enforce the rules and law with transparency and integrity, and also manage a large distribution operation efficiently. Sal brings the right combination of skills and experience to the post.”

“I am honored to be the Governor’s choice to head DABC,” Petilos said. “As the Governor has said, the audit of DABC did not start on his watch – but it will end on it. We will usher in a new era of responsible governance of alcohol policy in our state.”

The Governor also expressed gratitude to Giani for managing DABC in a time of crisis. “Francine successfully turned DABC around when the organization was at its lowest point,” the Governor said. “The DABC has been through multiple legislative audits which uncovered unacceptable mismanagement, diluting its credibility and authority. Francine made the tough choices and necessary changes, demonstrating her commitment to doing what is right over what is easy.”

Petilos began his career in Utah government as an internal auditor with the Office of the Legislative Auditor General. He then joined the Utah Department of Administrative Services (DAS) internal audit team, eventually advancing to director of internal audits. He currently serves as deputy director of DAS.

A graduate of Rutgers College of the State University of New Jersey and Fordham University School of Law in New York City, Petilos also currently serves as the Treasurer of the National Association of State Chief Administrators.

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