Grand County Credit Union Celebrates Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in Green River


The Grand County Credit Union celebrated its grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony Friday in Green River.

The credit union was organized by teachers of the Grand County School District and has been serving its members since 1957. Since that time, the field of membership has expanded to include all residents of Grand and San Juan counties. Grand County Credit Union is a non-profit organization and is owned by the customers that use the credit union. The savings are passed on to members in lower rates and lower fees.

“It really met our mission to come here as a non-profit organization,” Sam Crane, president of Grand County Credit Union, stated.

In May of 2014, Green River Mayor Pat Brady informed the Grand County Credit Union that Key Bank was closing. The credit union looked at the bank’s closure as an opportunity to help the residents of Green River. After finalizing the purchase of the building toward the end of 2014, Grand County Credit Union opened its doors on Feb. 9.

“We’ve had really good support with the people here with a lot of community involvement and people wanting to support us,” Crane said.

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