Grand County Extends Mask Order as COVID-19 Cases Continue to Rise


With the rising cases of COVID-19 in Southeast Utah, the local health department announced an extension to the public health order mandating face coverings in Grand County.

“The Public Health Order requiring the use of face coverings has been extended through December 31, 2020,” the health department announced on Wednesday evening. “This is a critical moment in Grand County and in the State of Utah. We must all do our part to slow the transmission of COVID-19.”

According to the order, all Grand County residents, businesses, visitors and community organizations are required to comply with the guidelines. Exceptions are made for those under two years of age and those with a medical condition that prevents wearing a face covering. Others that are exempt include individuals who are hearing impaired and those for whom wearing a face covering would create a risk to the individual related to their work. While in restaurants, diners should wear masks unless they are actively eating or drinking. Individuals who are engaging in work where they are alone in an indoor establishment may remove their masks.

Along with the extension of the public health order, the Southeast Utah Health Department also announced two new cases in the region on Wednesday evening. These two cases are from Carbon County.

Carbon County leads the region with 59 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Of these, 49 have recovered, leaving 10 active cases. One patient is currently hospitalized while three others were formerly hospitalized but have since been released. There have been no deaths attributed to COVID-19 in Carbon County.

In Grand County, there have been 53 cases of the virus with 51 recoveries. No patients are currently hospitalized; however, two patients were formerly hospitalized. One Grand County patient, a man over the age of 85 that had been hospitalized, died due to the virus.

Emery County has had only 16 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Of these, 15 have recovered, leaving one case active. There have been no hospitalizations or deaths due to the virus in Emery County.

For more information on case breakdowns, see the graphs below.

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