Grand Opening at the EHS Fieldhouse, “The Armory”


By Julie Johansen

Guest were welcomed to the new Emery High School fieldhouse on Thursday, May 19. District and high school staff, board members, architects and the construction foreman were anxious to share the beautiful new facility with community members. The fieldhouse has been given the name “The Armory.” When staff was questioned why, the answer was that historically, an armory is a place to make, sharpen and polish weapons.

Many athletes will be sharpening and polishing their skills at The Armory, a name that was chosen by school faculty. Whether the sport is golf, soccer, baseball, softball, track, football or basketball, the facility has rooms and equipment for all.

The turf-coated field will need special treatment as no metal cleats are allowed there or on the rubber based track surrounding the courts in the building. Nets can be dropped to catch balls and divide the space for more than one team to practice.

Locker rooms and restrooms, storage space and announcing booths are also a part of this state-of-the-art facility. Architectural drawings of the new school building to follow were also on hand for visitors.

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