Grand Opening of Smithsonian Exhibit At Museum of the San Rafael


By Julie Johansen

Saturday, May 20 marked the grand opening of the Smithsonian Exhibit at the Museum of the San Rafael. “The Way We Work” is the title of the exhibit and all of the displays highlight the tradition and legacy of hard work.

The “Knotty Neighbors” display gave participants an opportunity to contribute to a humanitarian project by tying a quilt. The “Industry” display recognizes the importance of  agriculture, blacksmithing (early and modern), mining, welding and power plants. These are the foundation of industry in Emery County and intricately depend on one another.

Another display, “Many Hats,” explains the stories of Mary Fowler, Eva Westover Conover, Cyrus Wilberg and Raymond Huntington, all of whom wore may professional hats. The “Forgotten Work” display shows how the forgotten work of community service, household duties and various organizations became the glue that held Emery County together.

The American Legion Auxiliary had a bake sale and proceeds went to the organization. This organization helps to honor the work of local wartime heroes.

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