Grant Approved for Price River Watershed Project


During the recent Price City Council meeting, the council was presented with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) grant agreement. This is a grant for monies that will be utilized to begin the project officially entitled “PL566 UPPER Price River Watershed-Garley Wash.”

“A major part of this grant is to continue to study the proposed lower elevation reservoir at Garley Canyon but will also include many other things pertaining to the watershed and how to better use the limited water that this area receives,” said Price City Engineer Russell Seeley. “This will include irrigation and piping the local canals, environmental impacts to wild life including fish and many other things.”

Those involved in the project would like to begin as soon as possible. It will include everything upstream from Wellington and is said to be a very broad project. The grant received totaled $600,000, and the project will be overseen by a committee that is in the process of being formed.

“Price City is currently looking for individuals to serve on a committee to oversee this grant and potentially future grants and projects,” Seeley explained. “Anyone interested is encouraged to submit a letter to the Price City Recorder by the end of the business day March 29.”

It was explained that those that apply do not need to be a resident of Price to be on the committee. This is due to the city wanting the entire community to be involved in the project. Officials said that they want all water users to have a voice during this ongoing job.

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