Grant Funding to Aid Helper’s River Restoration Project, Mining and Railroad Museum


Photo courtesy of Mayor Lenise Peterman

Over the weekend, Helper City Mayor Lenise Peterman shed some light on great opportunities coming to Helper City through grant funding.

“Grant award season has begun for applications presented over the summer,” Mayor Peterman shared.

She then stated that Helper City has been awarded $65,217 each from the National Fish Passage Program and the Resources Legacy Fund for a total of $130,434. This funding will benefit the phase VI work of the Helper River Restoration Project.

“Many, many thanks to Jordan Nielson at Trout Unlimited for his ongoing support of this project and for constantly keeping an eye out for funding the Helper River Restoration Project,” the mayor shared.

Another funding opportunity awarded to Helper that Mayor Peterman highlighted is funding for the next two years for Helper’s Mining and Railroad Museum. This grant sum came out to $7,500.

“Many thanks to the Utah Legislature and Division of Arts & Museums for this opportunity,” shared Mayor Peterman.

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