“Great Brain Society” Tour to Take Place Friday in Price


Price City is sponsoring the “Great Brain Society” tour Friday, where residents will be taken around the city visiting locationsВ chronicledВ in author John D. Fitzgerald’s best-selling books. Fitzgerald was a native of Price.


The tour will start at the cemetery at make its way through town, ultimately ending at Price City Library around 4 p.m.

“A lot of people stop by who have read his books and want to know where he lived and places that he talks about in his books,” said Price City Librarian Diana Bordea.

She described when you read Fitzgerald’s books you can imagine where and what he was talking about.

At 4 p.m. those on the tour will then be entertained by Aaron Nelson and Carrie Thatcher, who will give presentations about Fitzgerald and his work.

Fitzgerald was born in Price in 1906. He left home at 18 and found employment playing in a jazz band, at a bank, and at a steel company. He is most known for his hit 1960’s children’s series entitled, The Great Brain.

Fitzgerald also had numerous stories published in magazines and co-wrote textbooks on creative writing, as well as other adult novels. His first novel, Papa Married a Mormon, was published in 1955.

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