Greek Festival 2020 Postponement Announced


Greek Festival ETV News Stock Photo

ETV News stock photo

On Tuesday morning, President Priest of the Assumption Greek Orthodox Church in Price, Father Seraphim, made an announcement about the well-loved and ever-anticipated yearly Greek Festival that is celebrated each summer.

In a statement he released, he expressed that due to a number of circumstances, such as health concerns and the unavailability of certain foods, the Parish Council made the decision that the festival will be postponed rather than cancelled altogether.

He continued by stating that the council is aware of the economic impact that the outbreak of COVID-19 is having on the community, not to mention worldwide. With that in mind, this year’s festival will not request donations for bingo, the raffle or the silent auction as they will be cut for the year.

“The festival will be about food, drink, pastry, maybe the gift shop and just enjoying each other’s company that we have been missing,” Father Seraphim shared.

In the coming weeks, a letter will be sent out to all of the businesses that are generally solicited and that have generously supported the festival for many years. This letter will assure them that the church cares, and that members remain thankful and are requesting for them to simply attend this year’s festival with family in tow.

Other changes, decisions and developments will be communicated through official channels. The festival will likely be rescheduled for some time in September. For the time being, no firm date has been chosen and the situation will continue to be reevaluated.

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