Greek Festival Celebration for 2020 Cancelled


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In March, due to the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, President Priest of the Assumption Greek Orthodox Church in Price, Father Seraphim, made the announcement that the well-loved yearly Greek Festival that is hosted in Price each summer was postponed to September.

Usually hosted in in the late summer, the postponement of the festival gave hope to many that the state of the pandemic would be in a better place by the time the celebration came around. However, on Thursday afternoon, a second announcement was made that the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 festival altogether had come to pass. Father Seraphim remarked that there were many factors to be considered and, in the end, it became clear that hosting the festival this year was not possible.

The Greek Festival has been hosted each summer continuously for the past 46 years and the church is confident that they will be able to safely host the festival once again when summer 2021 comes around. Father Seraphim continued by stating that those at Assumption are grateful to all that have supported the Greek Festival over the years and to the warm support that has been shown by the greater Carbon County community.

“Much thought and research went into this decision; we look forward to seeing everyone next summer,” Father Seraphim concluded.

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