Green River and Pinnacle Meet at Regionals


ETV News stock photo by Jeff Barrett

On May 11, the Pirates and Panthers met up in Monticello for the Region 23 Regionals. While Monticello was the clear cut winner, there were a number of Panthers and Pirates that showed off their abilities.


Jonathan Kessler won region in the 200 with Cole Barton in third. Kessler also took third in the 100 with Barton in second. Pinnacle then dominated the long jump with Michael Schmitz in first, Kessler in second and Barton in third. Schmitz would also take first in shot put and third in the high jump. In discus, Ryker Howell came in second. Pinnacle finished in second with 69 points.

The Lady Panthers’ Darolani Motte took second in the 100 hurdles as did Madison Sasser in the 1600. Kemery Stuckenschneider ended in third in long jump. The Lady Panthers took third overall with 43.5 points.

Green River

Jenilee Keener finished in first in discus and javelin while taking second in the shot put. Emily Roundy earned third in the 400. Green River came in fourth in the girls’ standings with 26 points. Full results can be found here.

Green River and Pinnacle will now get ready for state, which will take place at Brigham Young University on Friday and Saturday.

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