Green River City Council Discusses EMS Crisis


By Robin Hunt

The Green River City Council met for its monthly meeting on Tuesday evening. The biggest concern discussed was Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

Green River EMS is low on personnel and needs to hire qualified individuals as soon as possible. The city council will meet with the state EMS representative to discuss the city taking over the EMS from Emery County. 

There was also a discussion on the airport runway rehabilitation project. The airport will be unable to be used for the duration of the project, which is 90 days. This project was approved by the city council. 

The council then discussed road improvements in the Ross Subdivision in an effort to make it safer and more enjoyable for the people who live there. 

Next, the council approved hiring Janet Smoak as the John Wesley Powell Museum Director and Kerry Bigelow as a public works crew member. David Wilson was then approved as the zoning administrator. 

To conclude, it was stated that Green River looks forward to the city’s Melon Days celebration on Sept. 16-17.

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