Green River City Receives Grant to Evaluate Water Distribution System

The Permanent Community Impact Board also voted to provide funding for road improvements in the Town of Hanksville 

Press Release

The Permanent Community Impact Board (CIB) approved a $56,625 grant with matching funds from the Utah Division of Drinking Water for a project total of $113,252 to evaluate Green River City’s water distribution system. The project consists of an in-depth analysis of the 2002 water treatment plant to determine needed upgrades to the system.

At the June 3 CIB meeting held in Bryce Canyon City, the board also approved funding to the Town of Hanksville as a $451,000 grant and a $100,000 low-interest loan for road improvements along Locust Lane and the Fremont River.

“Planning and maintenance are essential for the long-term health of rural areas,” said board member and San Juan County Commissioner Bruce Adams. “We appreciate the Permanent Community Impact Board’s awareness of that and support for these communities.”

The Permanent Community Impact Board awards grants and low-interest loans to cities, towns and counties from funds directed to the CIB from mining and oil and gas extraction on federal land. Projects funded by the Permanent Community Impact Board benefit rural Utah by creating safer, more livable communities. The Utah Housing and Community Development Division manages the fund, which is part of the Department of Workforce Services. For more information, visit

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