Green River Girl’s Basketball Team Places Fourth in Tourney


ETV10 News stock photo

The Green River High School girls’ basketball team participated in the buffalo shoot-out over the weekend where the varsity team took home fourth place.

This year’s team has a total of four senior members, two of which are returning members.

“This year I think it’s interesting to see how the girls are reforming the leadership of the team,” expressed coach Kristi Brady. “The leadership thing was my biggest concern going into it, but as the girls work together the leadership just looks different from last year.”

Despite the lack of age on the team, the younger players continue to make contributions with a junior from the local high school currently serving the team as a team captain along with a senior member.

While working around the lack of experience, the team players also have had to work around another factor: height. The tallest member of the team measures in at 5’8″ which, as Brady expressed, may prove a challenge for the team as they strive for their goal: the state championships.

“We definitely want to get back to the state tournament,” Brady explained. “It’s always been a goal of ours to be able to stay all four days at state.”

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