Green River High School FCCLA Students Host Charity Drive for Those Affected by COVID-19


Two members of Green River High School FCCLA joined the Emery School Board during Wednesday’s virtual meeting to make a request.

The students organized a service project to assist those affected by COVID-19. A charity drive was conducted that accepted toiletries, canned food, clothing and more. It was stated that the duo has already collected over 10 bags of clothing and food this year and the are using the drive as their STAR (Students Taking Action with Recognition) event for FCCLA.

They then requested permission to see the impact that is being created by traveling to Grand Junction, the closest town accepting donations, to deliver the items to homeless shelters there.

Emery School Board’s Tracey Johnson stated that she appreciated the presentation and the mindfulness of the pandemic from the duo. It was stated that two to four students and one chaperone would be on the trip. Following a brief discussion, the travel request was approved.

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