Green River High School Hosts Spring Concert


By Robin Hunt

Students at Green River High School performed in a spring concert on Thursday. Despite having no official music teacher, the students took initiative to perform. 

The choir class opened with the “Star Spangled Banner.” All students and the audience stood to face the flag while the choir sang. 

Following their performance, the guitar class played “Ode to Joy.” The ukulele class then performed “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and “This Land is Your Land.”

“I’m Yours” was then performed by Michelle Valasequez and Judith Trejo followed by Nicole Seager performing both “Where the Wild Flowers Lay” and “Dust in the Wild.” 

Jeni Keener played “If I Die Young,” choir teacher Tawni Jensen performed “Dear Fear,” and Judith Trejo and Florelisa Trejo performed “If It Means a Lot.”

Jensen then performed “A Life That’s Good” with her sister-in-law Kara Bigelow. The choir closed the concert with “Country Roads.”

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