Green River Museum Postpones Hall of Fame, Launches Online Fundraiser


Press Release

The John Wesley Powell River History Museum has postponed its annual River Runners Hall of Fame event until 2021. The River Runners Hall of Fame honors individuals and groups who have had a significant impact on the river running community of the Colorado Plateau. The museum inducts new Hall of Fame members in an annual ceremony that draws over 200 river runners from all over the western United States to the small town of Green River.

The decision to postpone the event was made in consideration of the health risks of hosting such a large gathering amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Kelsie Hart, the museum’s curator, said, “One of the key features of the Hall of Fame event is the opportunity for river runners across the Colorado Plateau to come together, reminisce and share their stories. We feel it would be a disservice to both inductees and attendees to hold the ceremony without the in-person celebration.”

The John Wesley Powell River History Museum has seen a decline in visitors due to the pandemic and has suffered significant revenue losses from numerous cancelled events including the Hall of Fame, which also serves as the museum’s largest annual fundraiser. To make up for these losses, the John Wesley Powell River History Museum has launched an online fundraiser to benefit the museum’s nonprofit organization.

Hart said that donations to the fundraiser “will directly help us to preserve and promote river running history through our collections, exhibits and programs.” Although this year has been challenging, museum staff and Hall of Fame committee members aren’t letting this dampen their enthusiasm for the Hall of Fame’s future. She added, “We will miss our river runners this year, but we look forward to welcoming everyone to a vibrant and renewed Hall of Fame ceremony in 2021.”

To learn more or make a donation, visit the fundraising campaign page at:

About the John Wesley Powell River History Museum: Situated on the banks of the Green River, the John Wesley Powell River History Museum is the premier location for river runners and river history. Our mission is to “celebrate the significance of river history through the cultures and landscapes of the Colorado Plateau.” For more information, visit

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