Green River Pirates Dominate Rival Pinnacle Panthers *Photo Gallery*


The Green River High School (GRHS) boys’ and girls’ basketball teams traveled to Price on Tuesday afternoon to battle with their rivals, the Pinnacle Panthers. Though the Panthers may have expected to find luck on their home court, they had not prepared for the effort that the Pirates brought.

The Lady Panthers faced off against the Lady Pirates first, working through a tight first quarter, ending at 12-9 with the Lady Pirates in the lead. Following this lead, the Lady Pirates kept up the ante and showed no mercy against their rivals, ending on the top in the second and third quarters as well with scores of 7-4 and 20-9. The Lady Panthers did not want to end the game without coming out on top at least once and were successful in doing so during the fourth quarter, topping the Lady Pirates at 11-4.

This late push did not do much for the Lady Panthers, however, who were bested by their rivals with a final score of 43-33. Stephanie Sasser led the Lady Panthers during the game with 18 points.

Next up, the boys’ teams met on the court.

Seeing the success of the girls’ team, the GRHS Pirates entered the game ready for a victory. They slayed their rivals in the first quarter, barely letting the Panthers score and taking a 27-8 lead. The second quarter was much tighter as the Panthers took out their claws and pushed back, ending at 16-13 with the Pirates once again in the lead. Once again, the Pirates dominated the Panthers in the third quarter, ending with an impressive 20-8 score.

Finally, the fourth quarter followed in a similar fashion, though the Panthers were able to earn a few more points for their team. The quarter ended at 17-11 with the Pirates once more on top. The final score for the game showed the Pirates slaying the Panthers at a whopping 80-40.

Up next, the Pirates will travel to Bicknell to meet up with Wayne and the Lady Pirates will face-off against Wendover on Friday. For Pinnacle, the Panthers will welcome Navajo Mountain on Friday and the Lady Panthers will welcome the Grand County Red Devils on Tuesday, Jan. 21.

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