Green River Rock and Mineral Festival Takes Field Trip to Fossil Point


Experts from the Green River Rock and Mineral Festival led a group to Fossil Point on Saturday for a field trip through time. Fossil Point is nearly 15 miles, which equates to a 30-minute drive, from Green River.

There, visitors can find hundreds of bones encased in rock that date back to the Jurassic era. The expert leading the group was Greg McDonald, a Bureau of Land Management paleontologist. He began the tour with a brief history of the surroundings. McDonald explained how the area used to be a river bed and went on to explain the different bones and fossils the group would come across during their exploring, including vertebrae, leg bones and fossilized clam beds.

McDonald then turned the time over to local poet Dasha Bulatovo who read some of her poems from “Cairns,” which she wrote while an artist-in-residence in the Green River area.

McDonald next took the group to a number of different areas to teach about how to identify bone from rock. The group then broke apart to explore on their own. Many bones were found throughout the area and McDonald explained what type of bone it was and from what dinosaur.

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