Green Team Continues to Work Tirelessly on Recycling Effort


Carbon County Commissioners met with members of the Green Team and the Price City Council on Wednesday afternoon during their scheduled work meeting to conduct a follow-up on the recycling proposal presented previously.

Jim Piacitelli represented the Green Team with a handful of other members. He informed commissioners that the last time they met, it was requested that the team to prepare and provide some information on comparable counties that recycle. Since then, via email, information has been provided to the commissioners regarding Emery, Duchesne, Uintah, Wasatch and other counties.

Through research, it was decided that the county most comparable to the hopes of the Green Team was Sanpete. A visit was made to that area last spring and a Powerpoint presentation was put together with photos and information, which was then shown to the meeting attendees. There is a regular semitrailer parked at the county landfill and it is filled with recycling. Everything from cardboard to plastics and more is recycled there.

“What exactly are you asking from the county?” commissioner Casey Hopes asked the team.

Piacitelli and rest of the team stated that they feel as if they have provided the best way for this area to recycle. The members of the Price City Council agreed and stated that Helper City is also willing to have an employee drive their recycling to the right area once a month.

Complications were met, however. The county landfill has previous obligations in the areas that the team believed would be best for the truck. It was also suggested that it might be better to have the truck in a more convenient location near town. Commissioner Jake Mellor also brought up that, in the past, there were collection points at businesses such as Loveless Ash. Sutherlands would then pick up the recycling along with other partners in town that would take on various duties. Mellor wondered whether it may be less of a cost than what is proposed to try and bring that system back.

Another potential issue was the availability of a forklift. Piacitelli informed the commissioners that he believed that he and his team had presented all that was requested of them and that it was all achievable with a little work.

“Where this is no will, there is no way,” Piacitelli stated.

A resolution for recycling in the county is ongoing.


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