Green Team Forced to Remove Recycling Trailers for Near Future


Carbon County Green Team Press Release

Without the use of a forklift, loading dock and personnel available to take care of the transfer to the semi-truck/ trailer, the Carbon County Green Team has had to make the decision to pull all recycling trailers until a new solution can be found.

This past summer, the Green Team has faced changes in who handled their recycling from the trailers located around town. Since that time, the team has been unable to come to a solution for the transfer of recycling from the trailers that they have located around the county for people to take their paper and aluminum cans. The Green Team no longer has a place to prepare materials to be taken to a recycling transfer center.

The recycling effort began with the Carbon County Youth Commission in 2004. Since its organization nearly eight years ago, the Green Team and recycling has received tremendous support from the community. Because of that support, the number of recycling trailers has grown to 11 trailers for collection.

Just recently, new trailers also have been purchased and made available by both US Forest Service and USU Eastern. The main efforts are to keep as much material out of the landfill and reduce the carbon footprint from the use of aluminum, cardboard and paper.

The team estimates that the community has saved over 600 tons of paper and 1,900 pounds of aluminum that would have otherwise gone into the landfill through their efforts. Reducing materials that are taken to the landfill eliminates a $21 per ton tippage fee the county must pay.

The Green Team has been trying to find a way to work with Carbon County to establish a recycling program run by the county at the landfill. While no formal talks have happened with the present commission, informal communications with several county commissioners over the years have not resulted in a permanent solution.

The Green Team will continue to work to try and work the commissioners to help them envision of the advantages of incorporating a recycling program into the operations at the landfill. The team will make every effort to get the trailers back into use as soon as they can. For more information on how you can get involved please, call the Green Team Chairman at (435) 637-1019.

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