Griswold Awards Presented to Homes with Holiday Cheer


Keeping with tradition, the Price City Progress Committee once again hosted the annual Griswold Christmas Awards.

Each year, a number of houses are selected within the city limits that display the best Christmas cheer. This year, three houses were deemed the most festive. These homes belonged to the Vuksinik family, Mike Decaro and Kelly Atwood, and the Broadhead household.

The Vuksinik home featured over 40 holiday blow-ups and it was stated that the tradition of the blow-ups began with their son, who became enamored with them, and has greatly grown since then.

The yard of Decaro and Atwood featured traditional decorations with fun pieces thrown in, such as Scooby-Doo. The yard of the Broadhead home featured many colorful lights and was garnished with a festive blow-up dog to go along.

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