Guidelines: A Mother’s Light


By Simon Ambit

With the Bookcliff Mountains to the East, it can be tough to beat the beautiful sunrises that we get to experience in our little corner of the globe. I recently had the opportunity to watch the sunrise over the eastern coastline and it too was inspiring! In contrast to rising up over the mountains high in the sky and being ushered in by an already well-illuminated surrounding, as the sun rose over the Atlantic horizon it did so like a little child pulling himself up just tall enough to stick his eyes and nose over the top of the table to see what was happening. It slowly began to rise in the distance, subtly increasing in color, light and grandeur.

As I sat there watching the sunrise with my wife, I thought about the wonderful mother she is to our little herd of rascals. I also thought about my own kind mother and the traits that both of them have. Wives and mothers are constantly making sacrifices on behalf of and working devotedly for their families. They lead the family in kindness and tender nurturing. They are constantly concerned with how everyone is doing and trying to improve the situation of others.

Like the sunrise, the influence that our wives and mothers have upon us can at times be so humbly subtle that we may not even be able to notice it coming in upon us in increasing degrees. It may take some time and aging maturity on our part before we look up and notice that the lessons that were being taught, the love that was being poured out and the light that was being shed by the good women in our lives was for our benefit and gain.

It was provided by one who cares so deeply and who serves daily without cause of personal gain. Who loves us despite our mistakes and continues to lift us despite our often thankless rushings out the door.

Whether it be our own mother, the mother of our children, a grandmother, or the mother of our marriage (since every woman married to a man is raising a son, hahaha). As time moves slowly forward, we get a little older, we gain a little experience and for me it took raising kids of my own. We look to the mothers in our lives and realize the sky is bright and that so much of what we are, who we have become and the light in our lives…has come from a mother.

To the good women in our lives; thank you! We thank you for your sacrifice and service. We thank you for your love and for your light. We thank you for your protection and your prayers. We thank you for your forgiveness and your faith in us. We thank you for being the sunshine in our life’s sky. Happy Mother’s Day!

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