Guidelines: Birth Write


Being a parent is a very unique experience, one that I find difficult to describe in words. There are times of sky high reward alongside moments of valley lows. As a parent, you are lifted when your children soar on the wings of success and you ache with them during the times of sorrow or pain. We cry with them, laugh with them, cheer, bleed, sweat, stress, fail and succeed with them. Parents love their children so much, as a result of the endless sacrifice that parents put forth on their children’s behalf.

My family and I celebrated the birth of a new angel baby girl into our family this past week and it truly is love before first sight. Before the birth ever takes place, and among nine months of anticipation; an endearing relationship is formed between the parents and the unborn little morsel of a person. There are bedtime stories told to the wiggly lumps inside mommy’s belly and songs are sung through the navel to console the little rock star hiding inside.

You get a teasing shadow of your developing little one during the ultrasound process and your heart skips a bit as you see the images on the screen for the first time. The days add to weeks, and the weeks to months. After a long and patient wait, the day finally arrives for the little wrinkle of wonder to come out of hiding and into the home. This is a time of great excitement and wonder!

From the first time you see your little ones, you are drawn to them. You immediately love them with a feeling so deep and strong and pure that you would do anything to ensure their safety and happiness. I cannot describe to you the feelings I felt as my little daughter came into the world. She was so tiny and perfect, so innocent and tender. I feel instantaneously bound to her, with ties that extend beyond our mortal realm, as if we’ve been acquainted for quite some time!

As she is placed in our arms, I look to my wife and angel daughter and thank heaven for their well-being. It is the absolutely pure and priceless moments like these, that place perspective on what really matters and what this whole merry-go-round of life is all about.

It’s about family, it’s about relationships, it’s about things that outlast us; it’s about striving for a purpose greater than ourselves. Life is good, miracles happen and I thank God for the one he just sent us!

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