Guidelines: Calm the Storm


By Simon Ambit

When the sun is setting down over the slow, rippling water and the waves slowly feather upon the sandy shore, we all can find some peacefulness or amount of serenity in this setting.

When the water is smooth and glass-like, it creates a very magnetic environment; one that calls to us to fish, ski, or swim. But take that same environment; those same shores harboring those same waters and add the element of storm and everything can change drastically. The waters that were previously a desire for recreation and relaxation now become a source of trial, danger and opposition.

I recently read two separate stories about this very situation happening to several men as they used the water as a source of transportation. In the first account, the men were sailing in a boat crossing a lake when a violent wind storm developed. The wind and waves crashing over the side grew so intense that the boat began to fill with water to the point that most of the men felt their lives were in jeopardy. There was one man in the boat, however, who was not at all alarmed by the storm. In fact, he had to be awakened by the others as they sought him for help. This man was Jesus Christ and it is written that “He arose and rebuked the wind and raging of the water and they ceased and there was calm.”

On another occasion, some of these very same men were again crossing a body of water in a small boat. In the course of their voyage they encountered another storm upon the waters. It is recorded that their boat was “tossed with the waves.” As they battled the storm into the nighttime hours, this same Jesus Christ came unto them “walking on the sea.” Jesus called out to them to “be of good cheer, it is I; be no afraid.” At this point one of the men in the boat named Peter, took courage and stepped out of the boat, onto the troubled waters and “walked on the water, to go to Jesus. But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid and beginning to sink, he cried saying, Lord save me.” Peter is strengthened when “immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand and caught him.” Jesus then lifts him from the water “and when they were come into the ship, the wind ceased.”

These two stories come from the account of Luke and Matthew in the New Testament, but ring so true in our time today. We all have times in our lives when we are afraid that we may be overtaken by the stormy trials that blow upon us. If we will look to the life and the love that Jesus Christ showed, then we too can have our storms calmed and our lives be more at peace.

At this Easter season, may we reflect upon Him and His teachings. If at any time we, like Peter, have taken the chance and feel that we have tried and are now sinking in the churning waters; call out for help, look to Him and reach out and our friend and brother Jesus Christ who has overcome all, will help us to do the same. He calms troubled lives as well as troubled waters. Trust in Him and look forward to the hope that is your future! Life is good; enjoy the reason for the season.

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