Guidelines: Garden Buzz


By Simon Ambit

Those of you who join me in the struggle to grow a garden here in the arid desert know the challenge it can be. Tilling, grading, fertilizing, furrows, seeds, irrigation, critters, bugs, weeding and more! With all the work a garden presents, we won’t even talk about the challenges that our alkali rich soils bring to the table. However, when you fry up that first batch of breaded zucchini, slice those juicy garden fresh tomatoes and chomp down on that crisp corn on the cob, it is all worth it!

As I recently spent a little time in the garden, I coaxed the refreshing water down the furrows and eliminated the fresh batch of weeds that were lurking slyly along the ranks of the cucumber patch. I reached the end of the row, leaned upon the shovel, and looked up with pride at my maturing corn stalks. As I walked closer to them to discover if any ears were developing, I noticed a heavy and steady buzz among the tassels of the crop.

The bees were out in force and were very busy. Nearly every one of them had their hind legs laden with full pollen baskets and were topping off with a full and final load as they took advantage of the final moments of daylight. It was a reminder to me that no matter how hard I work or what my family and I do for our garden, there are forces outside of our efforts that impact the result.

I want to thank those who impact the harvests in our lives. Those who live and work and struggle behind the scenes. For those of you who, all too often, go unnoticed and unrecognized for the good that you do. From those who tirelessly defend my freedom, to those who empty the garbage cans at work, thank you.

Thank you to those who round up the carts at the grocery store. Thank you to the crossing guard who makes sure that our dearest little rascals get there and back safely. Thank you to the local municipal staff for all that you shoulder on our behalf. To the volunteer fire department, search and rescue, scout leaders, 4-H, FFA and coaches, thank you.

To the child who left a love note and crayon art work on mommy’s pillow, to the mother who does more around the house than she should have to and to the man who gives his all through an extended shift and comes home to give his best self to his family, thank you. To so very many, who buzz steadily around to provide a service that benefits those of us whom you serve, we thank you.

Here’s to a great harvest and a happy hive. Life is good, tell someone thank you!

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