Guidelines: Memorial Mothers


By Simon Ambit

Nestled in a small whirlpool between the flow of Main Street traffic and the rippling Duchesne River resides the prestigious Duchesne County Veterans Honor Wall. The memorial was dedicated in 2014 and features intricate sculptures along with an array of black granite walls hosting the names of Duchesne County veterans, going back as early as the American Civil War.

As I made my way around the memorial, I came to a plaque that caught my attention. It is titled “Mothers Too” and it carries a poem by Kate Lucille Zwahlen that reads, “So, you’re writing a story mister, a story of heroes so true. But your story won’t be finished till you put in it the mothers, too. Twas the boys who did the fighting, away across the sea, but twas the mother’s heart was aching, for alone at home was she. Twas the mother, who went without sugar and other dainties too, that her soldier might have plenty when went to fight for you. She didn’t want any glory; she didn’t care for show; she only longed for her soldier; she dreaded to see him go. Twas mothers hands kept busy knitting so patiently, that her boy away in the trenches might better and warmer be. Twas mother’s prayers and letters sent so faithfully, kept hope and cheer in the soldier when the bullets fell fast and free. Twas mother who watched for the postman, waiting yet dreading to hear; lest the news he brings her be sad news, from the one that she loved so dear. And then when the war was over and the soldier’s work was done, tis the mother still who is serving the more unfortunate ones. Her name is in this legion, she’s a mother to everyone. So, won’t she deserve some credit as well as her soldier son? So, write your story mister, but put in a line or two and say “Twas the mother’s example that kept the boys so true.’”

As we come upon Mother’s Day, let us remember and honor our angel mothers and the never-ending sacrifice that they give. From the endless nights of not going to bed until their babies are tucked in and sleeping, to the exultant cheer leading from the sidelines. From the master of band-aids and bee stings, to the healer of broken-hearted teenagers. From cookies and milk in the kitchen, to advice over the phone from six states away. From the nurturer of my childhood, to the candy provider she is to the grandkids. And from the nightgown cloaked chauffeur, to the Sunday dress on the chapel back row; I thank the heavens above for our angel mothers!!

We love ya mom, and thank you. Happy Mother’s Day!

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