Guidelines: Teacher of Value


By Simon Ambit

With the school year drawing to a close, another graduating class will take the stage. As they step from that stage in cap and gown, and toward the horizon of their future, a shadow slowly falls across the path that now lies behind them. For years, this path has been groomed and lamp lit by fellow students, pep rallies, science fairs, homecoming games, senior prom, parents, coaches and much more.

From the kindergarten child to the graduating senior, there are many good people along the way, who at times and swithout our noticing, have played a large role in what we know and who we are at graduation time. I’d like to pay a small tribute to the teachers of this great area who do that little bit of extra to make a difference in the lives of our next generation.

To my young son’s teacher:

I know I haven’t thanked you enough for the great job you have done teaching my children. For years now, my children have experienced your devoted tutelage, and I am grateful that they’ve had such a teacher. You don’t just have a classroom; you have a destination and a whole of which my child has become a part. He loves the association he feels and understands his importance within the class.

I am grateful for the personal calls to our home to report successes experienced and concerns that you have for my son. This is valuable to my wife and I as parents and we are grateful for your devotion to our child. I enjoy the array of activities and projects that you work so hard on for the kids; from exotic world tours to trips to the local fire station, you have brought smiles to our faces and knowledge to my children’s world.

You’ve taught them to read and to write. You’ve helped them learn discipline and self-confidence. You have helped them become a component of the larger working and yet understand to express their individualism. When you sing your silly songs and get asked to do the funny dances, pull the crazy faces, or wear the bizarre costumes, you have brightened their world!

So, to all the devoted teachers of now and then, please take our thanks to heart. We appreciate the great help you are in teaching and raising the generations. And to the teacher of a young band of rascals, remember that long before seniors in cap and gown, there were bands of misfits in pirate hats and licorice smiles!

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