Guidelines: The Dating Game


By Simon Ambit

Although I have seen it several times, I’m not sure who coined the following phrase. “A real man treats his lady the same way that he wants another man to treat his daughter”.

With lunch break in full swing and with a tray full of hot food, I sat down across the table from my co-worker as we dined at a local fast food establishment. As we ate and chatted, we made note of a vehicle which pulled up outside our window. Two teenagers climbed out of the car; a young man out of the passenger side and the driver as young lady. They walked to the door of the restaurant and the young woman opened the door and held it as the young man walked in with his face buried in his cell phone.

Walking directly to the register, the young man ordered his food and stepped away, allowing the young lady to come forward. She in turn placed her order and paid for both of them. At this point she would ask questions to the young man who would look up from his phone long enough to answer before his head was drawn back to the glowing screen as they waited for their food to be prepared.

Their order number was called; the young man walked to the counter, grabbed one cup off the tray filled, it up and sat down at a nearby table. The young lady brought the tray over, handed the young man his portion of the order and then set her order across the table from him, put the tray away, then filled her drink.

Upon sitting down, the young man informed the young lady that his order was incorrect. As she politely offered to make it right, she gathered up his order and returned to the counter, while the young man face-planted back into his cell phone, where he remained until the young lady returned with his corrected order. At this point they both began to eat their lunch, while my coworker and I finished ours and left the establishment.

A few weeks had gone by since I had been so disappointed by the way the young man had treated that young lady. I was again out to lunch at a different establishment when again a car housing a teenage boy and girl pulled up to the curb. This time the young man drove, opened both the car restaurant doors for his date, then escorted her to a table where he waited for her to sit before he himself sat down. The two quickly engaged in a conversation together and went on that way until I left the building.

Now, I ask you young men, which one of these young men are you? I understand that I may be a generation removed from “the dating game” but I still think that we men need to regard the women and girls in our lives with respect and dignity.

Young ladies; who of these young men do you want taking you on a date? You are respectful, strong and intelligent, you are beautiful and interesting! If the young man taking you on a date makes you feel anything short of these, then you are settling for less than you deserve.

“A real man treats his lady the same way that he wants another man to treat his daughter.”

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